Sports gumshield

At Eckington Dentist we offer custom made mouth guards / gum shields that gives maximum protection and comfort while making speech and breathing easy.

We see numerous dental injuries from patients who play contact sports while not wearing a mouth guard, from small fractures, to completely knocked out teeth. The treatment to repair these injuries can be extensive and costly, and could easily have been prevented.

Our mouth guards are custom made for you in soft thermoplastic, from a detailed impression taken of your mouth. It will, therefore, fit your teeth and gums exactly and comfortably, holding the lips, tongue and cheeks away from your teeth and cushioning any blow to that area.

There are cheaper home kits available. They involve heating the product in hot water and then putting it in your mouth until it sets. Unfortunately, these mouth guards can fit badly and be uncomfortable to wear. They can fall out or even cause choking. Also the material is at its thinnest where it is needed most.

We can offer a range of designs and colours to suit most requirements that offer maximum protection where it is needed and fit precisely to your teeth.