I wish to express my thanks for a professional service provided by Eckington Dentist in all aspects – from reception staff to hygienist and dentist. I was treated with courtesy, respect and understanding from the outset, this allaying my anxieties from past experiences.

My dentist of 25 years retired last year and so I looked for a new dentist with the possibility of having a new denture made. My last denture was a disaster which resulted in me losing a lot of confidence when talking to people and smiling. I had also lost confidence in ever having a ‘natural’ denture made as my past experiences had been so bad and I longed for a dentist who would understand my needs and care enough to spend time with me. My dream came true when I found Eckington Dentist Practice. I registered first of all as an NHS patient and had lots of work done on my own bottom set of teeth which was done by Debbie Houghton. I’ve never had such a professional yet sensitive dentist who has genuinely cared about my feelings and my appearance. She has helped me to select the type of denture best for me and has bent over backwards to get it right, going the extra mile. I have been made to feel very special and couldn’t have wished for better treatment. My denture is beautiful and couldn’t be more like my natural teeth. I am so thrilled. The whole staff are lovely and I couldn’t recommend this dental practice more. Thank you very much Eckington Dentist!!!

I mentioned to my doctor that I needed to find a new dentist and without hesitation she recommended Stuart. Implants could hopefully solve my problems, but as I know little about the procedure I needed an expert to provide the information, Stuart took the time to explain the process, which, whilst painless, would take many months to complete. I agreed to the treatment and was provided with a plan giving details of various stages and how long each would take. I counted down the appointments until eventually my implants were fitted. I have had them for six months now and they have truly changed my life. They look and feel totally natural. Having implants fitted has to be one of the decisions I have ever made.

Thank you Stuart


Dear Mr Bright

re Remedial and restorative dental work 2007-2009

It is now two months since the protracted course of remedial and restorative dental treatment was completed, so I felt it appropriate to write to express me appreciation to you, as the dentist who carried out nearly all the treatment that I have received since registering with the Eckington Dentist, and to all the staff at the practice who have contributed to making a success of this complex case, with the minimum on inconvenience.

I am confident that the total absence of any undesirable effects associated with what has, at times, been heavily invasive treatment peaks volumes for the standards of dental care and hygiene achieved by you and your colleagues. I am also confident that there can be few more impressive accolades than the fact that your skill produced results that almost led one of the country’s leading dental assessors mistaking a crown for a natural tooth.

I am very grateful to Eckington Dentist for achieving such impressive results, in addition to providing an excellent standard of general dental care and oral hygiene care. I believe that the appreciation also needs to be extended to the company that created the prosthetic items that so impressed the dental assessor.

Yours Sincerely

T N Kirk patrick-Wilson

Dear Mr Bright

I just want to say how pleased I am with my newly crowned teeth!

As you know, I am quite a nervous patient so when you first suggested cosmetic work, I really didn’t think that I would be able to go through with it, I thought long and hard before going ahead but I can honestly say that there was little or no discomfort during the process.

Prior to the work my front teeth were very discoloured due to previous fillings and a couple of very old fashioned crowns, but I knew that as my daughters wedding was imminent, I needed to be able to smile with confidence, something I could never do before.

I have enclosed a photograph taken at the wedding to show my vastly improved smile!

Thank you for giving me back the confidence to smile freely. I would highly recommend this procedure to everyone.

Kind Regards


Dear Lisa,

May we take this opportunity to thank Mr Bright and yourself for all the help you have given to Glyn and myself over the last few months, change is sometimes very difficult but as we said when we saw you earlier this week we would never go back to our previous dentist you have made the transition very nice and your practice is a credit to you all .

We look forward to coming for our treatment now which before we were very nervous, thankyou once again for your patience.

Kind Regards,

Glyn & Margaret Smallwood