Dental health checks

At each examination your dental health will be assessed in 15 key areas. These will help us understand and achieve your dental goals and needs, to provide a healthy, happy smile.

    • How healthy do you feel your teeth and gums are?
    • What are your dental concerns or problems?
    • How happy are you with your smile?
    • Are things working OK?
    • Medical and general health discussion
    • Examination of teeth for health
    • Examination of fillings for integrity
    • Examination of gums for health
    • Examination for the presence of plaque
    • Examination of the tongue, lips, cheeks and skin for health (TLCS)
    • Examination of the jaw for health
    • Examination of the glands and muscles for health
    • Examination of how the teeth meet and bite
    • Examination of the bone supporting the teeth for health
    • Examination inside, under and between teeth by the use of x-rays