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Wednesday, April 9th, 2014



Teeth whitening is a fantastic way to improve the appearance of your smile. It will improve the shade/colour of your teeth.

Airflow polishing removes any staining caused by drinks such as tea/coffee/red wine and foods such as curries along with nicotine staining caused by smoking.  If you are happy with the shade of your teeth but are concerned with the stubborn stains associated with the above then an “airflow” polish could be for you.


There are two ways to whiten your teeth:

  1. Take home whitening
  2. In surgery whitening

- Take home whitening is a simple yet effective way to whiten your teeth and will usually take between 10 and 14 days. It is carried out by you, the patient, at home.

Whitening trays are made to fit your mouth comfortably. You will then be instructed on how to place the whitening solution in the trays and length of time you should wear them for.

Once you are happy with the shade of your new white smile keep your trays clean and safe ready to top up as and when you wish.


- If you want to reach a whiter shade in a shorter period of time, for example, you are getting married in a few weeks or going on holiday, then in surgery whitening could be the best option.

A dental professional will carry out the pain free teeth whitening in practice so you will leave that day with whiter teeth. You will then take home some extra whitening solution to carry out at home until you reach the desired whiteness. Think of the in surgery whitening as a “jump start”.


tooth whitening






Airflow polishing



-    Airflow polishing uses a jet of air, water and fine powder particles to quickly and gently remove stains and plaque on the tooth surface


-    Both our dental hygienists Lisa and Sam can provide you with an airflow polish, either alongside your routine hygienist visit or on a separate occasion. If you have a special occasion on the horizon and wish to vanish those stubborn stains or just want that clean, confident smile.








Feel free to ask your dentist or hygienist if you have any questions regarding tooth whitening or airflow polishing or  BOOK AN APPOINTMENT