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Diet and the effect it can have on your children’s teeth (by Samantha Roden)

Tuesday, January 14th, 2014

Diet and its effect on teeth

When sugar is consumed either through foods or drinks it sticks to our teeth.  When plaque is left on the teeth through not brushing or incorrect brushing bacteria  in the plaque turn the sugar in to an acid, which then attack’s the enamel.


Most of the time saliva can protect the teeth, but when sugary foods and drinks are consumed throughout the day the teeth are open to acid for a lot longer and the saliva cannot repair the teeth and therefore decay can start to happen.


fruit and veg

To avoid this form happening you should limit the amount of sugary foods and drinks by having them at mealtimes only.  Try to stick to fruit, cheese, vegetables and milk or water between meals.

Citrus fruits like oranges are good for vitamin C.  But remember that this type of fruit is acidic, so whilst it is OK to snack on fruit between meals eat it all in one go.


Your child has 20 baby teeth up until the age of around 6 years old.

At the age of 6 you may notice your child complain of slight pain  at the back of their mouth.  At this age their permanent adult teeth are coming through their gum behind their baby teeth.

It is very important to ensure that your child brushes further back now when brushing their teeth.  In a lot of cases children present at checkups with decay in their first adult teeth as they have not brushed them properly.



fissure-sealants-preventative-dentistry These teeth have deep fissures (see tooth on the left) in them where food can get trapped and may not be easily removed.  In some cases the dentist may wish to place a fissure sealant (see tooth on the right) – a coating which is painted onto the tops to make the teeth easier to clean and food less likely to stick here.


Remember to book your child in for regular check ups.