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Teeth Extractions Raleigh NC

Raleigh Teeth Extractions

If you've been experiencing tooth and gum pain, it's important to get to the dentist as soon as possible. If the tooth is infected or diseased, more treatment options are available if the problem is caught early on. In addition to offering normal tooth extractions, Raleigh Family Dentistry handles root canals and wisdom tooth extractions also. Symptoms of these problems can be very similar. They often include piercing pain and swelling in the gums and a resulting difficulty of chewing and biting.

Girl at Dentist - Teeth Extractions Raleigh, NC

Root Canals in Raleigh

At our office in Raleigh, root canals are performed as an alternative to removing a tooth. When possible, we urge root canals to save the tooth instead of simple extraction, which can compromise the bite without further restorative action such as the implementation of a bridge or a dental implant.

Inside your mouth, each tooth contains a strand of dental pulp. This pulp carries nutrients and blood from the root to the actual tooth. Over time, this pulp can become diseased and may even die, which can lead to a tooth extraction in Raleigh.

However, if caught in time, teeth can be saved through root canals in Raleigh. This ultimately saves you the time and expense of getting an implant or bridge to replace the tooth. 

Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Raleigh 

Our wisdom tooth removal in Raleigh is a quick and painless process. For those who are nervous about the procedure, we offer the latest in sedation dentistry. Dr. Hoyle also takes time to explain the process fully to the patient to put her or him at ease.

In Raleigh, tooth extraction doesn't have to be expensive or painful. Let Raleigh Family Dentistry help! Call us today
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