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Dental Crowns and Bridges Raleigh NC

Raleigh Dental Crowns

A crown is a type of cap that sits on top of the tooth and covers the whole tooth, making it look new again. Dental crowns from Raleigh Family Dentistry are ideal solutions for the following problems:

 Broken or Fractured Teeth                    Decayed Teeth                   Fractured Fillings                     Large Fillings

Although there are several types of crowns, porcelain tooth crowns in Raleigh are the most popular, because they give the appearance of real teeth. With proper care in Raleigh, tooth crowns are durable and will last many years. 

Woman Smiling - Dental Crowns and Bridges Raleigh, NC

Raleigh Dental Bridges

For those who are missing a tooth altogether but who are not good candidates for a dental implant, dental bridges in Raleigh can help. A bridge consists of a pair of crowns that are affixed on either side of a dental implant. In order to be a good candidate for dental crowns and bridges in Raleigh, the teeth surrounding the missing tooth must be strong enough to affix a crown on.

The Process of Getting Dental Crowns and Bridges Raleigh

In Raleigh, dental crowns and bridges usually require 2 or more visits.  While the teeth are numb, the t2anchoring teeth are prepared and fitted for crowns. Next, a mold is made for the bridge. Since this permanent bridge can take some time to fabricate, a temporary bridge will be made and worn for several weeks until your next appointment. At the second visit, your permanent bridge will be carefully checked, adjusted, and cemented to achieve a proper fit. 

If you have gaps in your smile, dental bridges can help! Call us today to make an appointment. We are centrally
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